App not opening on my iPhone

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App starts to load then quits.

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Welcome to the forum!

The bug report is a little confusing right now because it says that the issue is with the App in the title, but then references the Chrome browser.

Can you add a little more info and/or screenshots for the template and specifically include the iOS version? Some older iphones (6+7 I think) are currently experiencing some issues, so it might help to include the device you are using.

There’s definitely a bug that causes the app the crash on devices running iOS 12.5.7, so it would be helpful to know which version of iOS your device is running.

iOS app v3.2.11 crashes when I try to launch using iOS version 16.3.1. I updated it when I got the email verification message and it prompted me. Have restarted the phone, checked the App Store to see if a further update is available, no help. Using a iPhone 11 Pro.

We’re rolling out a new version this week that will allow you to send us some database information from the app if it crashes on launch, so we get more info about what’s going on in the app. If you can wait a few days, it would be great if you could use that functinality in the new version.

But if you can’t/don’t want to I totally understand. I would then recommend deleting the app and reinstalling it. That should clear whatever is messing up the database.

Ok I can wait. I’ll watch for it.

We pushed it to 100% rollout today.