App singularity?

@tiwane Just curious…. What does this mean?
“ I don’t think this will be implented in the iOS app before the apps become a singularity”

From Feature Request:

Easy way to swipe through observations on the app


Oh. :hugs: I did not know the projected cross platform app was being referred to as the “Singularity”, which has a rather unique ring to it as project names go, IMO.

Are there been any reports of where it’s going since the announcement 4 months ago? I may have missed such as I gave up trying to read every forum post a long time back :wink:. I don’t read GitHub much, if at all.

I gather it is a pretty arduous task to map this all out and get the melding plan and design engineered. I might expect iNat has a provisional timetable established, but cannot share it with us? This sort of explains why there is little apparent progress with the new onboarding project or acceptance of many feature requests.

I imagine getting such work all funded by NatGeo is a very time consuming effort, also.

Still, keen to see it happens, with it’s (presumed) gorgeous new functionality.

i don’t know that your statement here is true, but the merging of the apps is what tiwane was referring to when he talked about a singularity.

“the Singularity” in the context of technological innovation often is thought of as a potentially bad thing for the human race, but a singularity, in the context of tiwane’s statement, just refers to one vs two.

I had one eye squeezed shut when I wrote those statements above. :wink:
Perhaps you also had one eye squeezed shut. :crazy_face:

If THE Singularity happens, we might not be too concerned about apps on iNat or anywhere else.


maybe inat is what leads to the Singularity???

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What if iNat’s CV becomes The Singularity?

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