Easy way to swipe through observations on the app

At the moment in order to do identifications on the app I need keep going back and forth between the observations and the explore page.

I’d really like an easy way to move to the next observation without going back and forth all the time. For example, if I am on an observation and finished looking at it, I should be able to swipe outside of the picture pane left or right to move forwards and backwards in the list. I’m thinking of something similar to dating apps like tinder, where swiping one way would bring me to the next observation. I could then ID it or move on quickly.

For me at least, this would be a much nicer way to go though observations and ID them. I usually quit after a few since I’m sick of going back and forth. It would also be a nice way to look at my own and reminisce.

this seems to have been implemented in in Android app at some point (maybe https://github.com/inaturalist/iNaturalistAndroid/issues/122 or https://github.com/inaturalist/iNaturalistAndroid/issues/1023).

right now, if i open up an observation and swipe on the photo / sound right or left, it’ll take me to the next or previous observation once i scroll through all the media associated with the current observation.

there are at least a couple of exceptions:

  • if i land on an observation without any media assets, i can’t swipe right or left and so i have to go back to the Explore page or My Observations list.
  • if i get to the last observation that has been loaded so far in the Explore page (for example, if it loads up the first 30 observations, and i swipe to the 30th observation), then i can’t automatically keep going (for example, to the 31st observation which has not yet been loaded)

but generally, the way the Android app works now seems to address this feature request. i’m not sure if the iOS app currently works the same way, but my understanding is that the codebases should be getting unified at some point, and so all those features from the Android app should be ported to the iOS app, too.

(so i wonder if this feature request is still relevant at this point?)

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I don’t think this will be implented in the iOS app before the apps become a singularity so I’m going to close the request.