Are meadow spittlebugs native to the US?

When viewing the taxon page for the meadow spittlebug I noticed a contradiction. At the top in green it says native to the United States but in the distribution section it says they are introduced in North America. So which is it?

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Spittlebugs as a group are native to North America. This particular species is not. I have to find where the listing that says native is, because the species has data for 1300+ jurisdictions, but you can only see 100. I will find and fix.

UPDATE - I think some research is needed to determine if it is possible it is native to Alaska. I suspect not, but if so then technically it would be native to the US.


Wiki says they’re native to Kamchatka so there is a possibility it was found in Alaska before, but if there’s no research it should be marked as introduced.


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