Are Painted Ladies (Vanessa cardui) introduced in North America?

Are there any locations where Vanessa cardui is known to be introduced in North America?

The situation should be fixed (flag here: Individual cases where the species is known to be introduced can be added in manually. As an aside, it looks like whoever changed the status changed it at the continent level (North America) and then applied that status to all descendent locations.

The application of the status to all descending locations just happened automatically when the status was changed for North America.

This is not automatic. You must press a button to have the status cascade to every descendent place, something I do not recommend unless you know with certainty that there aren’t any exceptions within the particular place. What started the problem is that someone changed the status of North America and pressed the button to change every place under North America. Would of had exactly the same effect if only North America was changed and far easier to reverse.

Yes, but I changed all the descendent places to unknown instead of native given the potential uncertainty surrounding particular populations. Since “native” applies to the overarching place, it should function exactly the same as if all places were listed as native.

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Thank you for getting this done. :+1: It was frustrating to see a butterfly that was once called “The Cosmopolitan” being nonnative over most of its range.