Nativity of Foxglove Beardtongue in New York

I’m curious why foxglove beardtongue Penstemon digitalis is considered introduced in the State of New York, while it is listed as native in all surrounding states and provinces? It is most certainly a native plant in N.Y. and shouldn’t be considered any more introduced than any of our sun-loving, field-dwelling goldenrods. Does anyone here have a logical explanation for this? Is there evidence that it has been introduced to certain locales in N.Y. and that is why it is listed as introduced, and if so, why is it listed as introduced in the entire state?


Joshua Harkness

I think the best way to bring this up would be by flagging the taxon and writing a note, that’s the most directly way of bringing attention to an issue with a taxon.

It looks like someone wrote a comment on its NY establisihment means, but that didn’t generate a notification so it likely has gone unseen.

My observation of Penstemon digitalis here in Toronto Ontario has it flagged as introduced.

Josh, this and many other species are still having their correct establishment means sorted out all across the globe, and it’s mostly dependant on users flagging things that need correction. A while back I flagged Sweetgum, which is native on Staten Island and was changed by a curator from “introduced” to reflect that. Next I need to flag american chestnut, which is also showing up as “introduced” on Staten Island. Lots to sort, and only so many curators to get it all done- we can help by flagging.

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Since the conversation about Penstemon digitalis in New York is best focused on its listed taxon page, I’m going to close this topic.

If folks have other general questions about how listed taxa work, feel free to start a new topic. If you see a particular taxon that is incorrectly marked as introduced or vice versa, please flag the taxon for curation by going to the taxon page then clicking “Curation”>“Flag for Curation” on the right side of the page.