Suddenly all observations of the genus Rosa are showing as "introduced" in Canada - why?


Well, this is clearly wrong on a number of levels. There are many native and naturally occurring roses in Canada. Also, my understanding is that genus-level taxa don’t generally get assigned an establishment status on iNat.

I cannot figure out why on earth this is happening, though, or how to fix it. I assume it’s drawing from some place list, but I can’t figure out which one. Any ideas?


The Canada list:


Seems there are several things wrong there.

There are a ton of native Rosa species, the image used is of a specific species Nootka Rose (Rosa nutkana) that’s native to western North America, and there is no reason why any of that should have an “introduced” tag applied to it.

Can the edit history be checked to see is someone made a mistake? Maybe someone meant to mark a specific species as introduced and marked the genus introduced instead?

Checking the NatureServe website plant descriptions doesn’t seem to help as native/introduced information doesn’t appear to be part of the data, unless it’s hidden in their pro section that you need to make an account to see.


As the genus is native to Canada, I changed the Establishment Means here - see if that resolves the issue. Clearly it was an error that someone set this to Introduced.

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Nicely done!

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A bit odd that when I changed the establishment means (just before deboas did as well?), it didn’t reflect the username in the edit history on the side there. And it still says “Updated by Site Admins on June 12, 2022 12:03”.

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I’ve found and fixed a few other examples of this recently. Just earlier today I noticed that King Penguin was listed as introduced on the New Zealand Checklist as well as in all descendant place lists for the country. Again just said ‘Updated by Site Admins’ beforehand. Maybe a problem with an external authority causing automatic changes in establishment means?

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