Are there any "annotations/projects/tags" for collared/tagged wildlife?

Seems to be it would be of some use for people using/studying the data to be able to search based on photos of collared/tagged wildlife.
I’ve searched and I can find no discussion of this?

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So far in my search of Projects:

Banded Birds

The compilation of observations of banded/tagged/ringed birds from all around the world.

Banded, ringed or otherwise tagged wildlife.

Many wildlife monitoring projects rely on tracking individual animals, this project is to simply group together all observations of these tagged animals to make them easier to find. You can report bird leg bands to the bird banding office at

Marked & Tagged Wildlife of the World

Wildlife professionals commonly tag and mark wildlife in order to track individual animals providing a wealth of data. Common examples of wildlife tagging and marking include leg bands, ear tags, neck collars, and wing tags. The goal of this project is to collect all observations of tagged or m…


Observation fields:

The fields will list projects using those fields.


Paging @Mercedes-Fletcher :
3 more projects for you!

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Thank you! :)

While this isn’t specific to collared/tagged wildlife, you might also be interested in the escapees from captivity project. I think I’ve seen a few in there at some point.

…and a few more. My searches have been limited to english - I am sure there are projects in other languages, and, possibly other dialects use different terms for the limited searches I have done.

Tracking Coyotes in Marin

Beginning fall 2020, National Park Service wildlife biologists will use temporary remote tracking collars to learn about the population size and movements of coyotes in the Marin Headlands. Tracking coyotes will help build a stronger understanding of how they are using park lands and respondi…

Tagged Trumpeter Swans of Ontario

A compilation of Trumpeter Swans wing tagged by the Ontario Trumpeter Swan Restoration program. The wing tags are yellow with black letters/numbers.

TMRCT Inshore Tagging Program

The purpose of this project is to collect observations of fishes tagged by members of the Tindale Marine Research Charitable Trust’s inshore tagging program, or anyone catching a tagged fish. For more information about the Trust and the tagging program please visit

Tagged, Marked, Labeled Plants of the World

To group and organize any observations that involve plants with something added to identify species and/or individual. Many tags/markers are used for surveying, locating, relocating, etc. individual and/or groups of plants. Feel free to add personal plant labels, tags, metal labels, plates, pins,…

Bass Tag OSU

The Oklahoma Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, in conjunction with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, is conducting angler creel surveys to inform stream fisheries management. We ask anglers to report the 4-digit tag number of any released or harvested black bass in the …

Ibis Band Resighting Project

We are studying how urban habitat use affects White Ibis (Eudocimus albus). We study ibis in Palm Beach County, Florida at various urban parks and zoos. We use unique color leg bands to identify and resight ibis. This helps us understand their movements and the extent of their urban habitat use. …


@tallard I have noticed you have an observation of a collared Cervus canadensis . You could join this project and add it:

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The project seems to use the observation field “Tags or Collars?” and apparently the Tracking Coyotes in Marin project mentioned above uses the same one.

All lovely answers, but these are all projects. None address the simple question of having all photos searchable by tag/collar/band, without going into various projects.
Maybe my question wasn’t clearly written?
I’d like to see tags/collars/bands available as a filter, and can’t find any discussion related to this, before I “officially” suggest it in feature requests

I highly doubt it will be added there, it has lower value than many other things, like searching for annotation values in explore, that could possibly be added. But you can add this request to


This thread seems to be the discussion on that topic.

I doubt that the “system” would be able to automatically recognize tags or collars in the photos any time to soon. Instead, one can expect people to recognize the tag or collar and in some form add an annotation/tag to the observation via tags or fields so that others can find the observation with that annotation/tag.

The circle that you have on the image highlights search filters that add parameters to the URL of a search. Also on that image are Projects. Projects can be used as filters. Projects can add quite complex parameters to the URL of a search. Collection projects can include and exclude taxa, places, and people - I have one that I put together that is for Marine Life - one could use this as a filter for Terrestrial Life by looking for observations that are not in the Marine Life Project. Traditional Projects can build more specific filters that can bring together observations of all sorts of parameters. I have put together one that is for Cryptobiotic soil and one that is on foot only access to observation. There are others that are for animal bones, scat, feathers, predation, blobs on the beach, microscopic microbes… and etc. If you feel there is a characteristic that can bring a commonality like collared ungulates world wide together, you can build such a project and use that as a filter - build it and they will come. Projects are the filter you are seeking…and you don’t have to go into the project - just use it as your filter.

Below link is all of the projects I noted above in one search - therefore searching without “going into” various projects:,banded-ringed-or-otherwise-tagged-wildlife,marked-tagged-wildlife-of-the-world,tracking-coyotes-in-marin,tagged-trumpeter-swans-of-ontario,tmrct-inshore-tagging-program,tagged-marked-labeled-plants-of-the-world,bass-tag-osu,ibis-band-resighting-project&subview=map&view=species

One can narrow this search to just one species such as Elk by putting Elk in the species search box,banded-ringed-or-otherwise-tagged-wildlife,marked-tagged-wildlife-of-the-world,tracking-coyotes-in-marin,tagged-trumpeter-swans-of-ontario,tmrct-inshore-tagging-program,tagged-marked-labeled-plants-of-the-world,bass-tag-osu,ibis-band-resighting-project&subview=map&taxon_id=204114

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