Reporting a tag sighting with birds

Is there a project or a particular tag dedicated to reporting sightings of birds wearing tracking tags?

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There’s one Banded Birds, guess it fits for all kinds of tags and trackers.


There is a project called Banded BirdsThe compilation of observations of banded/tagged/ringed birds from all around the world.@masonmaron is the Admin and Manager of this but also @mws as manager might be able to help answer more on this.

This is a Traditional project so observations need to be manually added. If you don’t know how there is a tutorial for traditional projects.

I’m not sure right now if you need to be a member to add. I’m also not sure about observation tags that are used to help add to projects such as this.


If you can read the tag or band, the US Bird Banding Laboratory would also like to hear about the sighting. Their website is here: