Ash tree or EAB projects specific to NY State?

Are there any Ash Tree iNaturalist projects specific to New York State, or more broadly, the Northeastern United States? I tried using the projects search feature and did not find any.

Also, I know that there are ash seed physical collection projects (for storage in seed banks). Are there any physical ash seedling collection projects (for growing live seedlings in a controlled environment)?

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I put “ash” into the Projects search and found these on the first page:

When you say “ash collection projects”, do you mean iNaturalist Collection projects or do you mean people physically collecting ash seeds or plants for safekeeping?

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I mean iNat projects (New York State specifically) to add my observations to (I am not in New York City or the Catskills).

My second question was - are there any organizations physically collecting ash seedlings for safe keeping?

Ah…sorry, I interpreted your question in the post as “are there any projects anywhere in New York State or the Northeast US”. I guess I should have just focused on your post title. Well, if there isn’t one for NYS, you could always use the same project terms as the Vermont project and start one!

Just Catskills:

MaMA projects, as far as I know not NY-specific but mainly focused on NY:
^This group has a training workshop you might need to attend? I don’t remember exactly…

Thanks for responding to my question. I had looked into the Catskills Ash data collection project, but my region is not within its geographical parameters. I’ll take a look at the others you shared.

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