Australian snake doco

I came across a great snake behaviour documentary recently, and I thought it was great so I’m sharing it here (I hope that’s ok) I’ve noticed that a lot of otherwise interesting and informational programs tend to exaggerate the deadliness of wild critters- (eg deadly 60, Steve Irwin etc) and I thought it was cool that this focused on the harmless side of some of our most feared critters (where I live anyway). I haven’t had much exposure to snakes in the US or Europe, but for Australia, It was spot on. Anyways even if it isn’t applicable to you, I hope you enjoy.
It can be found here. Enjoy!


That’s a great, level-headed video. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!


:clap:that video was excellent! The story is so useful for understanding and interpreting snake behavior; and safe ways to react to (seemingly) aggressive snake behavior. And, it’s not too long; just right.


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