Documentary Recommendation: My Octopus Teacher

I found the new documentary on Netflix called “My Octopus Teacher” beautiful and inspiring. It’s an incredible feat of dedication and observation.

Shout out to all the amazing South African naturalists and their beautiful wildlife!


Saw some other naturalist friends recommend it too! Will be checking out

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Amazing documentary. I recommend it to all naturalists out there.


I watched it last night and found it mesmerizing. It was truly special to see the sensitive way this exploration developed. @andy71 Thank you for the recommendation.

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Thank you. Today I hiked along the shore, looking at flowers, and at the birds. White-breasted cormorant swooping into the waves among the kelp fronds.

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I liked the documentary as well, it was really interesting to see.

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Welcome to the Forum! Yes, I found it was very personal and intimate along with the interesting natural science.

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