Auto changing to 1. when making a new list even if you start with a 3 or 4

Using - windows 10, Chrome

When was making a comment on this observation:

You will see near the end of the discussion, there is the following comment made by me, the error is the ‘1.’ that has been sub’ed in for a 3) or 4):

I’ve uploaded another shot I took under the scope. Between this, and the other pic’s already uploaded. Have the following from the key

  1. P similis has clamp connections - so not this species
    3’) Clamp connection absent - or with scattered knob like pesudoclamps at septa.

So 4 and 4 ’ come down to:

  1. Pilenipellus with large, fusoid-pointed terminal cells or
    4’) Pileipellis with inconspicuous, cylindrical-rounded terminal cells.

Looking at the cells I think they are spindle like, so (4). Also spores are:

  1. Short and cylindrical
    4’) Ovoid

I think the spores above are cylindrical. So again with (4)

There is also a pleurocystidia measurement which I am going to ignore for the time being.

So (4) is P microspermus.

But this is different from what I typed out. What I typed is shown in the pictures for this obs, since I took a screen shot of things and stored on the obs till I figured out to log a bug (my first log, so hopefully doing ok). .

If I go an edit the comment, the real numerals and ) symbol used shows up as it should. But in publishing the 1. numbers appear instead.

Hopefully this is clear? and not as clear as mud :)

[Screenshot added by moderator:]


I think it’s a feature of Markdown. Unfortunately.

If you leave out the . or use a workaround you may have better results.



3 ,
4 ,
5 ,



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if you want to override markdown formatting, you could set it as preformatted text. for example:
3. item 3
5. item 5

or this would be a code block:

3. item 3
5. item 5
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This is how Markdown works on the site (mentioned here in the blog post that announced the Markdown feature).

You can add a backslash after the number as a workaround:

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Thank you to all have replied. Did wonder if I had hit some autocorrect type thing.

On the upside, in reading the Markdown blog post, I have learned how to do nice looking links instead of having to paste the full link.

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