Error in Taxonomic Tree

I was going through the unknowns and trying to give them a home, when I came across this observation:

One person identified it as a legume, which put it into the plant category, and another person identified it as Thicket Bean, which sure sounds like a plant to me, but when I click on the link to the taxonomic tree it is in the family Phaseolidae, which is apparently a family in Mollusks. It seems like the whole Phaseolus genus of plants got stuck in there by mistake. Can we move it to it’s appropriate spot under plants?
Here’s the link to the species on the taxonomic tree:


For issues like this, you can flag the taxon for curation (on the taxon page, scroll down past the seasonality graph and look on the right, click ‘Curation’ -> ‘Flag for curation’, then describe the problem and click ‘Flag it!’). In this case, someone has already made a flag which you can see here, so now it’s just waiting for curators to resolve it.


No, something is going on. There are many taxa (fungi and plants) that got moved under molluscs at the genus level recently. I’ve flagged several this morning.


I see! It was just made two hours ago, so probably in response to this message. Thanks for showing me how to flag it.

I flagged it because an obs was listed as legumes and beans, but showed as State of Matter Life - since beans are molluscs.
As someone commented on that obs - both have shells!


Closing this now, since the issues are being addressed via the preferred taxon curation flags. If you see any other issues, please flag the appropriate taxa for curation. Thanks!