Autocomplete fails when tagging users in ID comment

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Firefox 110.0.1 (64-bit) on Windows 10

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Step 1: Make an ID with an attached comment.

Step 2: Edit the ID comment to tag people using autocomplete (I’m forgetful so I tend to do it after the fact, I don’t know whether the fact that it’s an edit has any bearing on replication). The edit text box shows the name correctly autocompleted (ie. @ johndo → @ johndoe, spacing to avoid actually tagging someone here).

Step 3: Submit the edit, the autocomplete is reverted (ie. @ johndoe → @ johndo).

That is glitchy. I often see @mentions that don’t reach their target.
No matter how tiny the typo, lag, whatever it is - there is an iNat profile for it.
I have to edit. Try again. Sometimes it take 2 or 3 attempts before the right @mention is captured.

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I can replicate using Firefox and Chrome on my Mac, but only when editing an existing ID that already has a comment and I use the keyboard to select the name. If I use my mouse to select the username, it seems to work OK.

Made an issue here:

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I run into this all the time on my computer using Firefox. I have stopped using autocomplete for user names for this reason. Once I post the ID only the letters I typed will show, the remaining ones will disappear as it’s posted. It has been that way since I joined iNat several years ago. This only happens when the username is at the end of the text in the text box. If you keep typing something after that then the autocomplete works.


Website and Chrome.
I don’t think I do anything differently, but.
Sometimes I get a nice list to pick from.
Other times autocomplete does. Nothing.
And that is within the same logged in session.

Since I don’t always remember, down to the last letter (and - or _), what name someone uses - the autocomplete list to click is helpful.

We released a fix for this specific instance today. It’s working for me, how’s it looking for you all?

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