Automatically Suggest ID

I spend a lot of time opening each observation and either suggesting an ID myself, or letting Inat suggest one and simply accepting it.

Is it possible to have Inat automatically suggest ID’s for every observation?

It would save me time, because I’d only have to manually change the few I know t be wrong.

Oh you don’t want it to do that. You’d still have to open everyone and check carefully that the (debatably questionable) AI was correct. You’re better off going into the ID page typing in the name (usually it will autocomplete the correct one after a few letters) and click the one you want, and this way you can skip the bad pictures, or the ones with look-a-like taxon if you’re not familiar with them.

Plus, if I upload a picture of a Bombus and I ID it CORRECTLY, and I come in later to find it up’d to Genus because there was the option to ID everything with the AI and the stupid AI was wrong I would be rather annoyed, especially if I didn’t know who to tag to discuss the disagreeing ID.


Hi @raphael1c, no, this isn’t possible with the current setup.


iNat suggestions are made to make the process of identification easier when you know the id it proposes is right, what you describe means letting machine to add random ids you can’t be sure in other than adding higher-level ids that you can verify.


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