Bad bird sports logos

I’m not super into birds or sports, but I still thought this was a funny read (warning: mild swearing).


Super into birds…not really sports. However, I was at an Orioles game in Baltimore right after they unveiled the new logo and I remember being horrified. I wish the artist had chosen an orangey red for the bill of the Cardinal though…it isn’t supposed to be yellow but it is also not the exact same color as the plumage. Otherwise, a very humorous and satisfying article. Thank, @jwidness

My high school’s mascot was a “Pelican” and my College’s was a “hawk” Here are the two hideous and wholly inaccurate recent logos (shame):


One of the people responsible for restoring a breeding and sustained population of peregrine falcons in NY (U.S.A), Heinz Meng, was a professor at the college for many years and yet, still a terrible logo. Why aren’t the biology departments everywhere taking names!?


Oh my god, that second one is supposed to be a hawk? What’s wrong with its beak?


Right?! It spontaneously miniaturized and also kind of became a parrot-beak caricature?
The extra flat head suggests cooper’s when this is supposed to be sort of buteo-esque anyway so the whole thing is ridiculous!


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