Pick a "new call" for the American Eagle!

I hope this is ok to post here! I’ve seen other lighthearted posts before.

Many of you might already know this, but the rather squeaky call of the US’ national emblem has often been a topic of embarrassment for the patriotic… so much so, that in many older movies, the cry of the eagle was dubbed over with the calls of other birds! The most common replacement was the red tailed hawk call, which while certainly an “improvement,” still isn’t exactly majestic.

So if you could pick a different bird’s call to be the voice of the Bald Eagle for Maximum Majesty, which would you pick? Obviously just for fun, their calls are perfect just the way they are. :’)


The shoebill’s “call” is definitely intimidating

that said, no need to project aggression/power to be patriotic, but that’s another discussion.


… loon


FWIW: I’d like to encourage overdubbed-video submissions.


I propose the call of that other bird shortlisted as candidate for national bird of the USA: the turkey!

(Apparently it was never really a candidate, but I’m not going to let that spoil the fun)


I’ve always liked the Merlin’s maniacal laugh, or the call that two Barred Owls make when singing sweet nothings to each other, if you’ve never heard it look up Barred Owls caterwauling.

I would love to have the pterodactyl-esque call of a great blue heron dubbed over the bald eagle. Graaaaaak!

Eider. They have the most ridiculous, sarcastic call I’ve ever heard. woooOOOOUUUUWWww!

Surely a dinosaur roar from a Jurassic Park movie would be more awe-inspiring (for a modern-day dinosaur).

call of grey hornbill

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