Batch obscure all observations

I’m sure it’s right in front of my face (like most species I’m looking for and can’t find) but is there a way to batch edit all of my observations to obscure ALL of my records? I seem to know how to do it, but it only seems to do a few at a time. I don’t mind taking the time to do all of them a few at a time, but hoping there was a way to do them all at once?


You can do up to 200 at a time if you go to your user icon (on the web site), at the top right, click the arrow, choose edit observations, and that will take you to a batch edit screen.

Please note that doing 200 tends to result in an apparent error at the end, but it will generally work.

I know of no way to apply it retrospectively to your entire history though.

EDIT - I should note that it theoretically is possible to edit all at once via the use of the api and programming using the put/observations end point of the api, but that is likely well outside the skillset or interest of a very high percentage of the users. But on the odd chance you are comfortable doing the programming, that would allow it to be done.

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I would add that, unless you have a good reason to do so, try avoid obscuring all your obs. Look at it this way: if we all obscured all of our obs, the site would lose a lot of value.

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