Batch write the same comment to multiple observations

Hi all,
I am aware this is might be a litte undoable, but do you know if there is a way to select multiple observations, according to a predefined filter, and leave the same comment to all of them at once? I, for example, often discover many observations (thousands) with a missing date and, therefore, tagged as Casual. I would like to warn each user, with a comment in their observation, that they forgot to enter a date and that they might like to do it. Any ideas?
Thank you!

P.S. Can’t this be actually done by the INat engine itself, for example sending a pop-up warning when one is uploading an observation without a date?

We do get a pop up warning - but you can still upload a ‘broken’ obs if you want to.
Use a text expander for the comment.

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this is already done in the web uploader. see the screenshot in this post: it doesn’t look like there’s a similar missing date validation in the Android app, but i think you have go with a particular workflow to even get an observation without a date. i’m not sure about the iOS app.

what you’re describing here is possible by using the API, but it’s so close to the line – or even crosses the line – of machine-generated content that i would discourage you from going down that path.

if you wanted to add a comment as you review each observation, that’s possible and can be facilitated by various tools, as noted by dianastuder above and in various other comments in the forum (ex.

that said,

i would add such warnings sparingly. for example, if a user uploads 5 observations with missing date, adding warnings per observation seems like overkill. instead, a single comment on one of the observations or a single direct message seems like it would be less annoying.


I agree, adding bulk comments via the API to 1000’s of observations that meet some criterion would probably fall afoul of iNat’s prohibition of machine-generated content. I also think leaving a few comments/user is probably good, not one for each observation. An exception to that might be observations that actually violate ToS/Guidelines (like copyright infringement), but that wouldn’t be assessable via API.

Some type of text expander is probably the best bet for an efficient workflow for these in bulk.


Yes, please don’t use a script to add content, that would be a violation of the Community Guidelines: You can use a text expander and I definitely agree with @pisum to do it judiciously and make sure you’re not doing it a bunch for one account.

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