Assigning one location to many observations

When uploading multiple observations, how can one location be applied to all observations? Thank you.

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Do you use the website or the app to add observations?

For the website, select all of the relevant observations using either the “Select all” box or ctrl-click, then click on the location in the Edit pane on the left. Any info entered there will be applied to all of your selected observations.

I don’t use the app though, so I can’t help you there.


if you’re uploading on desktop, there’s a tickbox to “select all”. Then you can add the location on the left side for all of the observations at the same time :)

Something like this, for example


Nowadays I typically bulk upload from my phone, but I cannot edit location in the way you mentioned. What I do after my observations have been uploaded is:

  1. Go to your profile icon on the top right of the desktop version and click “Edit Observations”.
  2. Click “Batch Edit” and select the obs you want to edit, then click “Edit Selected”.
  3. Open “Batch Operations” highlighted in yellow, and there you can edit your location there. Just click “Apply”, and your edits should be shown. Click “Save All” at the bottom and bob’s your uncle.
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