Best way to clean inside of my binoculars?

Over the last few weeks my binoculars have started to get little fuzzy and dirty bits on the inside, and Im not sure what the best (and safest) way to clean them is.
Ive searched online but Id like the opinion of others who have had to do this.
My binoculars are used regularly and extremely valuable to me, so I would hate to scratch or damage them in any way along the process.
In case it makes a difference, they are a set of Vortex Vanquish.

Contact Vortex for warranty work. They’ve been good to me and have a good reputation.

My general response is this. If the binoculars are relatively inexpensive (as mine have been) replace them. If they cost more than the cost of cleaning, get them professionally cleaned. A camera store or whoever you bought it from may be able to help you get in contact with the appropriate people to do the cleaning.


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