Buy/sell/trade nature gear?

I have some secondhand binoculars to sell and I’m wondering if anyone here has suggestions for places to advertise? Is there anywhere that’s more specific than ebay and facebook for buying/selling nature and outdoor stuff? I know that someone who knew what they were looking for would be willing to pay a decent price for mine because they’re in good condition, I’m just not sure where to find the people who will actually benefit from them!

I’m not super online savvy but my first thought would be to contact your local cooperative extension office (U.S.A.), young birder’s club, natural history group, biology department, etc. and see if any beginners are looking for gear. Craigslist and ebay are the only, now “ancient,” places online to sell stuff that I’m aware of. I live under a rock though.


My husband and I were just looking for decent binoculars for general nature-watching! It has been years since we bought any, so not even sure what’s out there, but have no problem buying second-hand. We are located in South-Western Ontario. How far away are you and could you say a little about the binocs, please? Thank you in advance!

I’m in the UK but I’m happy to post them! They’re RSPB 10.5x42mm, waterproof, with case and strap, very lightly used and with 6 years of manufacturer warranty left. Here is the ebay listing with photos and more detail :)

Thanks for the suggestion! I’m in the UK but I’ll try looking into local groups.

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