Best way to find a particular city's CNC project to add IDs?

If you are in a participating city and are participating in CNC yourself, maybe the easiest way to find that particular project is to make an obs this weekend and then look at what projects it got attached to, random example from an obs:

Clicking through the second one in that screenshot, I get to

If I wanted to specifically help ID for the DC metro project for example, I could use the Identify filter to focus on the project by using the “slug” in the url, city-nature-challenge-2021-washington-dc-metro-area like so

If I want to help with a different city from my own, is there an easy reference list of all the projects (or their slugs) from which to choose, to do a similar Identify operation in the city of interest?

On the participating city map on the CNC site, you only get the city name to pop up. With that city name you might use it as a string to search the projects as a whole looking for a likely CNC21 name, but it can be hit or miss and take extra clicking and such. Is there a more efficient strategy to narrow down? Thanks for advice!

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You can view the list of cities and their project links here, underneath the map:

From the project, then click the Observations tab, then Identify to bring you to a filtered search
brings to

No need to enter the actual URL slug, you can just type in words. I find “city 2021” + the city name usually works for a quick search on Identify.


This way only works if the observer has already joined the project. If they haven’t joined the project, the project won’t be listed on the observation.


Oh awesome, I somehow missed the URL column on the right side of the list at, that’s just what I was looking for! :)


I have thought of another way to do it: Go to identify, put in the CNC umbrella project, and then put in a place filter separately. Now how do you enter the umbrella project, I don’t know, but I know it can be done because someone else has given me identify links for an umbrella project before.


I have done it! So for example here is identify of observations for any of Southern California’s teams (at least 4 teams that I know of)

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Great, this is an even smoother way to do what I was looking for. :)

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