What is the easiest way to engage and communicate with local observers and or identifiers?

I have been curating our iNat account and CNC project and find it really onerous to have to copy observers info into a journal post then having to add the @prefix and comma after. I did an initial list in excel but it keeps thinking it is a formula so that is annoying. We now have additional observers and identifiers from the CNC. Has there been some sort of bulk tagging feature developed to reach out to folks in our geographic area?



I also use a spreadsheet to concatenate adding the @ symbol to usernames.

It’s best to mass mention people like this sparingly though. Being a top identifier and observer in a few places can make these @s feel a bit spammy. If the user joins your project, they will get the project’s journal updates on their dashboard (web) and Activity > News section (Android).


It would be nice if projects came with some way for participants to talk to other participants. I guess you can comment on journal posts, but my local CNC didn’t make any journal posts (I don’t get the impression they know how.)


Yes I have been using journal posts to reach followers for the CNC, but they are only a small percentage of folks observing in our geographic area (the entire municipality is my project area). Though many of the top observers are acting as identifiers, but not sure they get the journal posts as they are not all following the project. But I do agree, I don’t want to make it an ongoing spam thing.


I’m actually kind of glad iNat hasn’t gone that route, it would run the risk of becoming more of a social media site than a nature/info/data based site.


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Thanks, I didn’t even know that was there on the Android app. Is there supposed to be a flag when new news is added?


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