Birds observed consuming Purple passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) fruits

Hi everybody, curious as to whether anyone has observed birds eating maypops, the fruit of the purple passionflower, and if so, which species they observed doing so. There are articles saying that some songbirds consume the fruit, but no specifics, and I’m trying to make some infographics to encourage people to plant native, with examples of what butterflies, birds, etc. are attracted to the native plantings and therefore any yard the plants are placed in.


this doesn’t differentiate between flowers and fruits, but it may not matter for your purpose:

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When UNAM was doing a taxonomic revision of a native vine recently, one of the persons involved contacted me for permission to use some of my photos and mentioned that I had so many. Because I really only observe at home, I knew the plant well and was able to easily point out additional observations of insects visiting flowers of the vine. This was met with no small amount of glee, this additional data, as pollinators were previously largely undocumented. So my suggestion is to contact those individuals who have many observations of your Passiflora, because they are likely to have the plant close to them and know it well. (I had a different Passiflora in my garden for some time and could tell you right now which insects visited and which butterfly it hosted.)

I also would input your plant into observation fields for plant visited or flower visited and see what pops up there. Basically search the observation fields for anything that looks like it might be fruitful. Even host plant.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice, that’s really useful to know!

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