Host Plants to look for caterpillars - spring/summer in South FL

Which plants should I keep an eye for droppings or other signs of Lepidoptera in the South Florida area?
Are there any plants known to be hosts for multiple species?

I know Passiflora foetida are host plants here. Perhaps there as well?

Here is a favorite:

As with most places in North America, native oaks are huge winners in terms of number of species. Southern Live Oak, Running Oak, Dwarf Live Oak among others for south Florida.

Red Maple and native Willows are also really good.

Io Moth Caterpillar on Carolina Willow

Yes there are plants which host multiple species. I’m not familiar with Florida. Citrus plants are host plants for several Papilio species. Lemon, Orange, pomelo trees which are not sprayed with pesticides. Wild passiflora plants on fences. Milkweeds. For moths, solanum plants such as tomatoes, brinjals, Periwinkles. Some of the butterfly caterpillars feed on legume plants.

That’s going to be your heliconians: zebra longwing and Gulf fritillary.

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