Blank License in Data Exports

In data exports, some records show up with a blank license, instead of any of the CC licenses. Does this mean all rights reserved or something else? Also, the metadata says this is the license for the observation, so this means it is not the license for the photo or sound, just the observation itself right?

Can you include a link to one such observation?

i’ve always interpreted blank license as no license (aka all rights reserved). here’s an unlicensed observation: when i export and check the downloaded CSV results, the license field is blank.

yes, i think so. here’s an observation that is licensed CC BY with photo licensed CC BY-NC: when i export and check the downloaded CSV results, the value in the license field is CC BY, which is the observation license.

… for what it’s worth, if you use the API, you should be able to get / filter the media license using that, if that’s what you’re trying to do.

Thanks, yeah I’ve been assuming all rights reserved but just wanted to check. I usually use the API, but just trying to make sure I understand the export fields for someone managing a project and using their project exports.

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Here’s one example, it sounds like @pisum has it right

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