Bold text in journal article is broken

Platform: Website

Browser: Firefox, Chrome

URL of relevant page:


Description of problem:

Bold text formatted with markdown in the journal is broken. This has always worked fine for me until today.

To see the problem, visit this page:

The text in red rectangles has been formatted as bold text.

At a glance, that page has no bold text, but in fact the page is heavily formatted. To see this, view the HTML source and note the STRONG tags in the body of the journal article.

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I think this is because of the new font.

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yes there is no ‘bug’ here, it’s due to the font change

Thanks for the link. I suspected it might have to do with the new font. Since the HTML source still has STRONG tags, I thought the problem might be due to a CSS issue.

This doesn’t make sense. How can a font that has no bold component be anything but broken?

I am relieved to discover that this issue has been acknowledged:

I don’t think my bug report should be resolved until the github issue is resolved.


This has been fixed! Thank you!