Switch off editing mode

It seems the Editor is thinking.

How do i put this of and i only get HTML tages ?
these numers are changing AFTER saving.

  1. Stevige Strandschelp
  2. Kokkel
  3. Zaagje
  4. Tereplatschelp
  5. Muiltje
    6 Pelikaansvoet Aporrhais pespelecani

7=10 Fossiele kokkel
8 Unknonw
9 Strandschep
11 Tere platschepl;

I’m not sure where you’re having trouble (e.g. a comment on a journal post?), but probably this is normal markdown behavior (described in the blog post when markdown started being supported).


Thank you, i solved it by removing the POINTS . but I do not like the markdown behavour at all… it cost much much more time than is helping at all

Now it was not in a journal post where i knew i was happening
I decided not to bother an leave it.
BUt now it was messing up my numbering by auto counting by it self and so ruining everything.

But who wants Markdown editting ? As far as i know it was not there in 2017-2019.

But i have another question. I want things in BOLD (vet), but it never works. Is there an reason for this ?
And is there a solutiion to get things in bold ?

markdown support was added in 2020

If you share an example (or even just explain what text editor you’re trying to get working that isn’t working for you, bug reports are basically impossible to understand without context) then I might be able to help. Have you tried using two stars before and after the word(s) you want to make bold?

"**this text is bold**"produces: this text is bold


Thank you for your help.
In this post i do not see anything bold


@ahospers I’m having trouble taking screenshots right now, but this is what I see in the linked post:

"This text is bold" produces: this text is bold

This text is bold produces: this text is bold

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I see bold text here. What browser are you using?

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Google chrome.
Very few times i see it bold for 1-3 seconds and than it disappears.
But it could be related to the browser, althoug i use a very common one. Google chrome and sometimes Edge.
But i thougth te problems persisted when i open the page on my work

Actually i see italics, cursief.


Actually i think that text that i make my self does not work but text created by others work out well.
Alex text is bold.

"this text is bold"produces: this text is bold 78342

Hmm not totally right, it works for me on this forum as well as i see it bold now.
It does not work in journals (where i actually want it to work) and not in observations where it is funny but certainly not necessary.
So it seems partly a browser issue and party show different behavior on different places on de inaturalist website.
On the inaturalist forum i rarely uses bold or italics.
But it seems that my display is sometimes different from others.


While both the forum and the iNat site both support markdown, their implementations are totally different. The iNat forum is run for us by https://www.discourse.org while the iNat site is our own.

In markdown, a single star on either side of a block of text will make it italic, while double stars makes the text bold. Three stars on either side makes the text bold and italic, which is what I see on your blog post.

Hope this helps.

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