Boletus edulis only fungus not included in project

Hi everyone!
I have created a project, with custom boundaries, and set to include any obs belonging to the fungi kingdom.
Everything works fine, observations uploaded by me or others geotagged in the right territory get included in my project, EXCEPT for Boletus edulis…
I have uploaded about 50 different fungi, and they all appear, but not the 2 Boletus edulis obs…

I have been trying to give myself an explanation for this, but I haven’t found a reasonable one…

Help please? :)

Thank you!

That taxon is automatically obscured. Please see the FAQ here about why it’s not appearing in your project:

The FAQ page and the Managing Projects page are both good first resources to turn to if you have a problem. And for future reference, please provide as much detail as possible when filing a bug report on the forum (eg the URL of your project, and any observation not being included in it).


Thank you, and sorry for having opened a thread not the right way, I am still learning my way around the forum… Next time I will provide more info!

No worries, just trying to help you get a quicker response next time. :-)