Project member but cant add

Member of 4 projects, all of the type general geographical info collction. They show up under recent projects and under my profile. “FungiMap Australia” works fine, the others dont turn up as a suggestion when uploading new material. They are “Global Reptile BioBlitz”, “Global Amphibian BioBlitz” and “Moths of Queensland”. Only the last one without any material from me so far, the others used 5+ years ago.

Are those 3 not working any longer? or what happened?

Looks like they are now collection projects rather than traditional.

If/when your observations meet their criteria they will be added automatically. I’m not a member of the Moths of NSW project, but moths I’ve sighted in NSW appear in that project once they attain research grade. I assume the same applies for bioblitz projects you mention.

FungiMap is a traditional project, observations are added to it manually (plus complete additional fields). Hence it appears in your list of projects to select from when adding the observation.

Perhaps the other projects were also traditional, last time you were using them?

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@karenretra is correct - nice explanation!

Here’s an FAQ about this, if it’s needed:

I found a way to acctually add stuff to those. It is by:
1- go to my dashboard
2- click observations
3- click batch edit
4- add to project
But doesn’t seems to be the smartest way. Should be done while edding the observations. They should also be marked so you can see in your list that you actually remembered to add them


What do you mean by “those” - can you provide a URL?