Books for starting arthropods breeding


Do you have any recommendations for books in french to help starting in arthropod breeding?

What kinds of arthropods?

All detritivores arthropods (isopoda, diplopoda…)

I believe there are only two books explaining how to culture isopods, Isopod Zoology(english) and Isopods in Captivity(english).

I don’t know of any books, but I do know that a number of South African folks have gotten into rearing insects. They may have some advice.
Suncana Bradley and Alison Sharpe run the Caterpillar Rearing Group on Facebook -
Under ‘files’ there is a lot of documented material.

The thing is, I’m going to start breeding French arthropods and it won’t be the same climate as for South African subjects.

Your best bet is to look for an online forum, Discord server, or similar, so you can ask other people what they’ve done to raise these little guys.

Most of the principles are going to be the same with any detritivorous isopod. Yes, there are climate differences, but you can work out roughly what climate they’d like by where they’re found. Then experiment from there and observe. If they all cluster into the dry area of the enclosure, it’s too wet. If they’re all in the wet area, it’s too dry. That sort of thing.

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OK, Thanks for help.

All arthropods basically need the same thing - food, moisture, safe place and perhaps a diapause. I’ve got two Black Swallowtail pupae out on my front porch to expose them to the winter conditions we have here (Winnipeg Canada). Hopefully they will live. It’s possible to adjust the basic living conditions to where one lives. Just a suggestion!

Isopods are probably the simplest animal I’ve ever kept husbandry wise, I put oak leaves and fish food into a tupperware full of dirt, spray it down occasionally with water, with some bark for them to hide under, and now I have way more Trachelipus/Armadillidium than I know what to do with. I’ve started using them as occasional feeders for my Geosesarma…


I know but I don’t want to limit myself to just one type of arthropod. I would also like to measure diplopods (iules, glomeris …), mealworms and other detritivores

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“a wide range of exotic species that have become available in the last decade.” I saw that and I thought, wow, what can’t be commodified nowadays?

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