Bounding boxes in regards to counties

Sorry if this is already brought up/answered in a thread.
Was just wondering if there was a way to get the counties to align more with google maps locations? Looking up my area on google maps, it’s very well defined. On iNat, it seems to include most of colchester county, some of hants county, possibly a bit of pictou county, a couple islands in PEI, some of King’s county, Moncton NB, most of Westmoorland county, NB, and all of Albert county, NB.
Not too big a deal for me where I normally look up provinces, not counties, but I’m just worried it might relay incorrect metadata, potentially say that a bird found in New Brunswick was actually in another province, or something along those lines.

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County outlines show up pretty well on iNat maps, in my experience, but they won’t be perfectly aligned as iNat smooths complicated boundaries and will add some buffers to coasts.

What is the URL for your top screenshot?


Dont use the box marked location on the explore page, click on filters, choose to expand more and then use the place box. You’ll get an exact map.

For most levels of geography lower than nation, the location box just draws a bounding box around the extremes of latitude and longitude.

By definition a bounding box is not accurate, it is built around the 4 extremes of latitude and longitude.


That was definitely it. Thank you so much!

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