Wonky County Borders

When I filtered Location: Toronto, ON to see the inat catchment area today, I noticed that only half of Tommy Thompson Park and three quarters of the Toronto Islands fall inside Toronto on iNat. Observations outside of this don’t count as being in Toronto on iNat even though they most certainly are. I was wondering if this could be fixed?



I’m not sure how quickly the admins can fix it but until it is, you can use one of the several identical City of Toronto places as your boundary. All of the duplicates should probably be cleaned up and assigned to the correct parent place but I would prefer that a local curator work on it to make sure the right place becomes the final version.

The county level borders come from GADM and there’s an ongoing discussion on how to fix errors in GADM data. For now, I cleaned up as many of the duplicate Toronto places as I could. What’s left is the standard county level place that comes from GADM, a user defined City of Toronto, and a single point place that doesn’t allow editing.

Will the user defined City of Toronto work for you? It looks like this:


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