Bumper stickers?

As I was out walking today, making observations of the few species available in a New England winter, it occurred to me that I want an iNat bumper sticker. I’d love to get to a natural area and see another car there with an iNat sticker, because it would be fun to meet (socially distantly and all that) other obsessed, er, curious naturalists.

Alas, the iNat store does not offer bumper stickers, so I’m thinking of having my own made up. Should I go for the classic “iNatters Do It In The Field” or maybe “iNaturalist: One Quest To Rule Them All” or even “Do You Know Who Gerald Is?”

If you’re the sort who likes bumper stickers - I’m not, normally, but who’s normal these days? - what would you want on an iNat bumper sticker?


If I’m not mistaken, they’ve already been suggested on I would like an iNat hat. Carrie has been following that thread and using it for updates on official merch and the store.

In the past there has been unofficial iNat merch made, and I imagine that so long as you only made a few and distributed it entirely for free you wouldn’t run into too much trouble.


I’d like to make my van Research Grade.


lol! nice!

It would only be a matter of time before someone would come along and put a Casual sticker over it, I’m sure. ;)


I suppose a car does count as captive/cultivated, so yeah…


I may never get around to doing this, but I certainly wouldn’t be selling them!

:bug:Nat :bug::heart:nature

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“Gerald is my copilot”


There are basic iNat stickers out there. I think if you know someone who is a curator and ‘in’ with the folks that manage iNat, that person might be able get you some stickers. I’ve got iNat stickers on both my cars.


I explicitly disagree that it is a van. From the evidence stickered, it could be either a van or an SUV, we would need a front view to be sure which


Come now, you can really only accurately tell from an undercarriage view of the rear differential bushings while they’re under load.


Happy New Year to all (4 mins past midnight here…)


happy new year’s. like the hardcore boring person I am, I plan on being fast asleep when midnight reaches New Jersey.

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Ditto, if only because I need to wake up at dawn and start observing/confirming my way through what has got to a better year!

(We’ll just ignore the fact that dawn comes around 7 AM here, which is a fairly civilized time to wake up.)


My favorite from @franzanth is “I Squat for iNat”

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