Can anyone create a 'Korean Peninsula' region?

As things stand now, we can only shoot smoothly in the southern part of the peninsula, called South Korea. but as I know that the biodiversity is not that different and similar to that of the north, except for specialty species like Dryocopus javensis richardsi(Tristram’s Woodpecker), Lynx lynx(Eurasian Lynx), and Panthera tigris altaica(Siberian tiger) (presumably).

There are projects that combined the two countries into the Korean Peninsula, but there are no regions that combine South and North Korea. I tried to find a KML file that combines South and North Korea in order to add regions on my own, but I couldn’t find it.

also I read through ‘add new place’ page but I couldn’t find where to download that map data. Can anyone at iNaturallist help me add them, thank you for helping me everyone.

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I’m think creating such a place would be beyond the current place creation limits, which are that new places can’t have more than 100k observations.

What’s your use case?

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I can make you a Korean peninsula KML easily, but as Tiwane says, it’s probably too large to be counted as a project.

That said, there is already the Korea Nature project Created and administered by @pintail in 2019.

This seems to combine observations from both North Korea and South Korea, although it includes observations from the islands, so it’s not exclusively the peninsula.


If you want simply South and North Korea combined in one search you can combine them by editing the link:,8432


I suspect that is exactly what the Korea Nature project did.


Thank you for your reply. South and North (or North and South) Korea were one for a long time, and although they have been divided for over 70 years, most Koreans tend to think of the entirety of North and South Korea as a territory because of the territorial concept of the Joseon Dynasty, and as I mentioned earlier, I don’t think the biodiversity is divided.

This may sound a bit selfish… actually, my intentions were more personal. I wanted to know what creatures were native to the combined area of North and South Korea, and I was having trouble finding out because every other site kept showing the two countries separately. More specifically, I didn’t like having to flip back and forth between the two pages.

The reason I wanted to create a new region is, project is that I know that projects only include a subset of observations. I wanted to see what all of observations would look like together. Additionally, I couldn’t find the checklist for the region. I tried to create my own checklist, but from what I could find is listing of species one by one.

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Thank you for your response. your reply fits my intention. I apologize for not explaining it accurately. there are observation pages that cover both North and South Korea, they lack features that other regional pages have, like the ability to view only mammals, or the convenience of viewing only arachnid arthropods. that’s why I posted this.

Thank you for your response. I can see the observations, but I now realize that I can do a search on that page to pull together the top taxa (ex: Class Aves).
It’s a bit of a bummer that there’s no way to see at a glance if a taxon is vulnerable or endangered, or that it doesn’t update in order of the most recent sightings in the area, but thanks for providing a page that does something similar. :blush:

Within the project (or region) you can filter by taxa, so searching only for mammals or only for a specific genus is easy to do.

Values like native, endangered, etc generally have to be user assigned, so not all species that fall into this are listed as such. That said, you can also filter results for some of these basic characteristics, and there are more detailed and complex searches that can be done by editing the URL.

Here’s a page for showing how to do the latter:

When it comes to detailed lists of what’s native or not the best resource is going to be a site that’s Korea specific, probably part of the environmental branch of the government will have the best info.

There’s also this 800 page book Nam, et al., 2018 Inventory and Management of Endemic species of Korea from the National Institute of Biodiversity Resources. Here’s a PDF copy of it.

And the main site


Thank you for your help, along with those who have replied above.:smile: It’s sad that we still have to go around a lot, but I’m sure that at some point there will be an official page that covers regions that are lumped together, like the Balkan peninsula. since our community already have regions even it’s not official, like the Iberian Peninsula, the Sahara Desert, or the Mediterranean.

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