Can i block someone in iNaturalist aplication?

Can and how i can block one guy in iNaturalist aplication?

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Do you only use the Android App or do you also use the web platform?

Hello,i use android app.

I imagine there’s an option for blocking a given user somewhere in the profile options

But just to give my 2 cents, if its someone who’s just pushing your buttons with rude and disrespectful comments or quips, just respond to them with good measures of sarcasm. This is what I did with a hideously arrogant and distasteful ‘entomologist’ who’s since left iNat and it worked like a charm. Obviously if its someone who won’t stop spamming you, then its a different story

Anyway, good luck!

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I do not use the Android app, so I can’t say if there’s a way to block on that platform. The iNaturalist site, which you could access on your phone too, has a way to block through “account settings”.

In that section, it also has a little blurb about the blocking function: “Blocking is for situations where you just can’t get along with someone and they won’t leave you alone, despite your best efforts to settle disputes in a civilized manner. It is not a way to hide from people, to prevent identifications from people whose opinions you don’t trust, or to opt out of the community ID (there’s another setting for that). Thus, blocking works both ways: if you block someone, they can’t interact with you, but you also can’t interact with them. If you misuse it to prevent someone from identifying your observations, you also prevent yourself from identifying their observations.”

It also states: " If someone is harassing or stalking you on iNaturalist, please let us know. If this represents a violation of our Terms of Use or represents other behavior we deem inappropriate for our site, we will investigate."

I mention this because sometimes blocking can be avoided. If it can be avoided, that should be the route that’s taken. If you ever need help resolving such a situation, feel free to reach out to staff or curators on the site to help.


Blocking and muting can be done.

Someone else is welcome to correct me but I don’t think it can be done within the App.**`usernamehere`**/edit#relationships

If you log into the web platform you can go to your Settings and under Relationship there is a way to do it at the bottom of the page after the section on people you are following.


Thank you so much!

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