Can I create a project for my large community

I live in a large community on an island just south of Savannah, GA, proper. There are 4,400 homes here and, apparently, quite a few people involved with and accumulating/collecting information on iNaturalist. Can I create a new project for my community called “Landings Nature”, or something similar, for those who live here to have one place to accumulate all the observations, and learn of all the organisms that are here? If I am asking wrong, or missing something, please let me know. Thanks.


Hi @rich10, if you’re just interested in showing all the observations found in a particular place, you can use the Explore page to narrow it down and list all the observations, species, and observers for that place, e.g.:

Check out the Managing Projects page for some other tips about whether or not it makes sense to start a project.


If you want to exactly demarcate your area of observations (for the 4400 homes): go to More->places and add your area/place by drawing a polygon (use the polygon icon at the left).
Next go to Community->Projects and create a new project using the place you just created.

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Hello, Rich10.
In my opinion, of course, you can create your project. Such projects are completely correct and normal. This project will be able to unite all naturalists from your community, I think it will be useful and interesting for all of you.
It’s good. Do the project, do not hesitate. Good luck to you.

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Thank you tjddrddw. I was able to do it easily with your instructions, even though the polygon tool wasn’t visible. Now to find out how to contact all of those who were contributors in that area/project.

Thanks, done! The project is The Landings/Skidaway Island, GA. Now to figure out how to send a notice of the project to all iNaturalist users who live in this geographic region (some 607 people with observations from over 1,000, down to just a handful).

rich, iNat users do not need to be members of the project. Any observation within the Project boundary will automatically show up (At least if you allow any user when you created the project). However, if the user who submits, is a member (has joined) it will show on that observation page for that user that it is included in the project.
I just noticed that observations for endangered species do not show up in a project, just lodged a case for that, maybe it is for protecting endangered species.

Had a look at your project just now, see its running fine with 5 who joined…

And one more thing, there is a snag if you want to scroll through all observations in the project. If you click on Observations (left top), you will only see first 200 or so. Also if you scroll down and click View All you also get the first 200 or so.
I found out that the only way to scroll through all Observations is to go to the Place you use in your project and click Observations there. See description in my project here

Thank you for all the help you’ve provided. My enthusiasm for nature and science may scare some people away, but we have 10 members now. Just wondering, is there a way to notify ALL people in the group at the same time, some sort of message or email that goes out to everyone with, perhaps, instructions, ideas, locations to look for things, etc.?

Hi Rich
Just before reading you latest reaction I saw this one
looks like this is what you ask here…

stupid me, the question came from you…haha

I couldn’t find the polygon tool, (or any drawing tools for that matter). Help.



Hi @hfmann01, welcome to the iNat Forum - are you trying to create a new place on iNaturalist? There should be a link to create a new place at the bottom right of the map here:

On the Create a New Place page, zoom into your area of interest, then click the pentagon-shaped icon:


You can then click on the map to create the place outline:

thanks - got it now.

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initial question was answered