Can everyone in a group be emailed at once?

Is it possible to email/message/notify everyone in a group at one time? There are numerous good reasons to do this such as suggesting places to observe a specific species, tips, etc.

most mail clients have some sort of group mailing feature. iNat doesn’t for it’s direct messaging feature, if that’s what you mean, but you can tag multiple people in comments. I use textblaze to get access to “keyboard shortcuts” and have one setup for tagging a group of spider enthusiasts in NZ…

eg I enter:


and it is auto replaced with

@steve_kerr @robert_briggs @bryce_mcquillan @kate_curtis @axons @phil_sirvid @john_early @corvink @anon93074988 @gissy-spiders


Interesting. I will look into it. Thanks, kiwifergus.

It’s a chrome extension. I’m on a Mac and won’t use any google browser. Would you know if there is an equivalent for Apple?

No, but somebody else might. An internet or app-store search maybe?

If you post a journal to the group (as in a formal iNat group, not just a random group of people), the post will show up in the dashboard of all members of the group. I forget if they get a notification.

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