Can Ledra jump?

Does anyone know if Ledra aurita can jump, please? A khaki brown insect landed on my rucksack last week while I was in a North Wales oakwood. My first thought was Ledra aurita but it pinged off before I got a good look. I have found Ledra a few times in England and it has seemed rather sluggish. There are currently no N. Wales records on NBN. If Ledra can’t jump, what I saw clearly wasn’t Ledra and I needn’t spend time looking for it.


Ledrinae are described as jumping, so probably Ledra can jump. I thought all Cicadellidae are jumping?


All hoppers can jump.


Yes, according to this blog post (Ledra aurita nymph) although from my own experience I agree it is generally quite a sluggish creature.

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I can also confirm from my own experience that both the nymphs and the adults can jump quite well. I suppose their well-developed camouflage means they will usually remain motionless until they are strongly disturbed (e.g. by having a camera poked at them).

Thanks. I’ll try staring at lichen-covered oak trunks for a while.

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