New species of diving wasp in Japan.. of course it's named *Microgaster godzilla*

This wasp dives underwater to attack moth larvae.

In recent years there have been a few new discoveries of normally terrestrial or arboreal arthropods that are somewhat amphibious, such as Scolopendra cataracta, a large centipede from Laos that swims to escape danger (and maybe hunts underwater).

And, of course, the Diving Bell Spider, Argyroneta aquatica, is a well known spider that crosses the air/water boundary.

Anyone have any other interesting arthropods (insect type, not crustacean type - eg: crabs, shrimp, etc) that make that land/water transition as adults?

Microgaster godzilla -

Scolopendra cataracta -

Argyroneta aquatica -


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Interesting video, and interesting life history of the moth as well, thanks for posting



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