Can project members post to the project journal?

I’d like to know if there is any way to let ordinary project members post articles in a project journal. I think the answer is NO, but I’m hoping I missed something.

I’m starting a regional botany collection project, with the Journal being used to discuss hot spots and identification tips. I’d like to encourage all members to post their knowledge, but it appears that only project managers can do so. I could ask that anyone who wants to post contact me to make them a manager, but that seems an unfriendly discouragement to contributing.

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You can make a journal post and ask for people to write comments on the post.


@bouteloua built a comment space into a project. You can see how she did it here:


@tiwane & @janetwright Thanks for the responses re. using comments. Comments don’t seem to be a solution for what I’m hoping to accomplish. First, journal comments don’t (yet, at least) allow easy formatting for things such as ID keys. Second, they can’t be individually referenced like full journal entries, so, for example, they can’t be linked to from observation comments.

I guess I’m looking for a more collaborative approach to this project than the usual one or two managers providing the main content. But, I’ll go ahead with what is available, and see if anyone actually joins the project before I worry about getting overwhelmed by contributed articles.


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