Can we have an “etiquette” tag for the forums?

Description of need:
At the moment, it can be quite challenging as a new user to find etiquette posts to learn the norms that have developed around usage of the site.

Feature request details:
When posting to the forum, it would be helpful to have an “etiquette” tag in the optional tags list.

It seems that you were already able to tag your other post with “etiquette”, so has this been resolved or are you looking for another option (e.g. category)?

Neither. It was apparently already there, but wasn’t showing up in my tag search when I looked for it initially

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Sorry, I went ahead and added the tag when I saw your request come up in another category. It wasn’t there before.

At my user level, at least, if I type in a tag that doesn’t already exist, I get the option to create a new tag from what I have typed. But I’m not sure if every Forum user has that option or not, so try it and see…


Ah, thank you! I wasn’t imagining it.

I defintely don’t have the ability to create custom tags, but I’m a new user, so that doesn’t surprise me

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