Cannot post identification

Note: this only happens sometimes.

When I type in a name to make an identification on an observation page, click on the taxon, switch tabs to do something, then come back a few seconds or minutes later and click done, and nothing will happen. I’ve been able to replicate this sporadically, and it’s quite annoying since I have to then reload the page to put an identification in. Not really sure how this can be fixed.


It often happens to me as well. Clicking in the identification box and again on the suggested taxon pop-up usually works.


This happened quite frequently with a slow ping from southern tip of Africa. If I make a comment I need to click on the popup again. And occasionally I found that an ID disappeared completely. This only happened recently.

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It was always doing that, aren’t there earlier reports? You rechoose the taxon and it’s working.

I’ve only had this happen within the last month. I couldn’t find any other reports, if you can please link it so a moderator can merge the posts.