Casuarius bennetti general discussion - status, photos and personal anecdotes

As you probably are aware there are three recognised species of cassowary, there is substantial photographs of and literature regarding the southern cassowary (Queensland populations especially), but little information available regarding the other two species.

I am particularly interested in casuarius bennetti ( It is such a cryptic and little known species.

I live in the highlands of West Papua (the specie’s main distribution) and from what local people tell me this once ‘relatively common’ species (several human generations ago) is now rarely seen and/caught.
Many young people in the highlands of West Papua have never seen one.
I believe they are locally extinct in Baliem Valley.

There are only two observations on iNaturalist both of which are from Papua New Guinea ( ).

I have had several conversations with old men (who were excellent hunters/trappers in their youth) regarding this species during which they claimed that the species is very secretive and it mainly consumes forest fruits which distributes throughout the forest via its dung.
This information indicates that the casuarius bennetti, like the other cassowary species, must surely be an extremely important species for forest health.

Does any one else here have any additional anecdotes regarding this species that they would like to share?

Thank you.


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Thank you for your assistance.
Yes, hopefully.

Thank you.

These guys saw an adult and two chicks in the wild during a tour

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