Cave Ecology Papers

During the holiday season, since I do a plethora of spelunking in Minecraft, I thought it would be interesting to learn more about Cave ecosystems and the latest research on Caves in general. Here are some papers to read for anyone that is interested in them:

If anyone else finds more pertinent articles, please feel free to post their links. Thank you and have a safe Christmas, everyone.


This is more of a checklist than ecology, but still cool.

The Cave Fauna of California


A couple on microbial mats within caves, and informing the search for life on other planets -
Lava Cave Microbial Communities
Cave Slime

A couple others, including one on other subterranean habitats -
Climate, abiotic aactors, and the evolution of subterranean life
Superficial subterranean habitats: gateway to the subterranean realm?

And, closer to home, a description of a newly discovered troglobitic pseudoscorpion -
A remarkable new troglobitic Parobisium from California

Too bad we can’t directly attach PDFs.


For more general reading/photography, Life in the Dark by Dante Fenolio is great- covers his cave amphibian research, as well as other low-light environs


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