Celebrating wonderful life events with iNaturalist!

I am a completely addicted iNat nut living in sunny Botswana. Sadly my family here are not as enthusiastic and hooked on iNat as I am, though they do add a few observations.
I told them I don’t want any birthday presents or a cake at all and want future birthdays to be zero-cost. So my birthday present was 5 iNat observations from each family member, down to 5 year-old grandgirls. Next birthday, I’m looking forward to party games. How many iNat observations of wild things can be made in my garden in 20 minutes. Fun for all ages. Though I’ve asked for no expensive presents or cards I wouldn’t mind being given an electron microscope and some gold spray so I could improve the resolution of my iNat photos a little.

In previous years I didnt really like my birthdays because they reminded me how old Im getting, but now birthdays are inatevents to look forward to ,

I’m looking forward to getting iNat observation presents for father’s day, wedding anniversaries and my funeral. When I float up to meet previous generations of botanists and entomologists in the heavens, I hope there will be a biobllitzing, virtual, online memorial service down below with another big wad of inat observations. No flowers please, just photos of flowers !

As you can see iNat has become my reason for living. It’s not not just a way of life, for me iNat is life !

Thank you iNat inventors for making life so interesting and enjoyable for an old man.

How do other iNaturalists spread the gospel of inat to their busy family members ?

Botswanabugs (a nuttyoldinatter)


My son will no longer go on walks with me, he is an A to B kinda guy. Here is a party game for next birthday party https://www.1clickquiz.com/my-observations or try this one https://www.1clickquiz.com/taxa-challenge/ Love all your wonderful observations


Thanks so much for introducing me to this Biodiversity party game. Its so interesting !

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