Central European Utricularia complexes/aggregates missing

Currently, seven bladderwort (Utricularia) species are recognized in Central Europe. However, rather than seven clear species, they fall within three species aggregates (iNat calls these complexes), see e.g. here: https://doi.org/10.1080/11263504.2018.1435573. These three groups can be easily recognized in the field. iNaturalist threats them as seven different species without putting them in these complexes.

Recently, I came across this U. intermedia agg. in a place where U. minor agg. is very common (I haven’t posted this other observation yet). It has been, correctly, confirmed as just Utricularia sp. because the exact U. intermedia agg. species cannot be determined from these photos.

Thus, if I find a specimen of a less common species aggregate (complex) in a place where a species form another aggrragate prevails, they will both be treated as just Utricularia and the fact there are at least two different species in that one location will be lost.

Is there a possibility to update the taxonomy of these species? Can I, as a mere user, suggest the change somewhere/somehow?

please flag Utricularia directly in iNat asking for these additions, and a curator can add them for you

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Thanks for the tip. I thought the flagging for Curation was just was reporting issues. Which this, actually, kinda sorta is.