Limnophila fuscovaria

The iNat site does not recognize the identification of my posting to species level of Limnophila fuscovaria and the insect remains in the subgenus level. Included is a link to where the species was identified.

(sorry if you were already answering @thomaseverest !)

@dull2shinetoo if a species or other taxon is missing in the iNaturalist database, try typing the name into the identification field of an observation and choosing “Search External Name Providers.” You can also search for it from the main searchbar on any page, click the “Taxa” tab, then scroll to the bottom where it says “Not Seeing What You’re Looking For?” and click the search buttons in that section. This will try to import the name automatically from external sources.

If that doesn’t work, it will need to be added manually by an iNat curator, and in those cases, feel free to go to the genus page or other higher taxon and click Curation > Flag for curation. Thanks!


No worries. Figured you’d give a more complete answer than I would. :)

Now I have a larger problem with this, the search engine chose a member of the plant family with apparently the same name. I apologize, but I do not have the technical savvy to get this conundrum set straight. Is there anyone who is willing and able to tackle this thorny problem?

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Oop, I should have noticed that. Since there isn’t a plant by that name, I just updated the genus it was attached to. Should be all OK now.


Thank you, I found the curation tab on the genus level and flagged it. I appreciate everything curators and moderators do for us less knowledgeable users!


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